Many people would love to redecorate and revitalise their bathrooms.  So what’s the first step in planning a bathroom redesign or update?

The average Australian bathroom size is 2.7m x 1.8m so its crucial to plan the bathroom thoughtfully, as space is a premium.  Budget permitting, you may also consider relocating a wall or extending outwards if you require more room, say for a larger bath or If possible making the toilet entirely separate to the bathroom.

Once we have accurate dimension we decide on a layout based on plumbing locations, tiling, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures and fittings.  Moving plumbing is easier is the flooring is timber, if it is concrete you may have to stick with the original location if the budget is tight.

Tiling can be a large chunk of the budget and installation costs will also vary depending on the stability of the substrate, you may want to tile to the ceiling or paint some of the walls.  In a renovation project, there is normally some wall repairs that need to be undertaken prior plus you will also be required to waterproof the room.  There are hundreds of options styles and finishes to choose from so spending time looking on Pinterest or similar is a wonderful place to gather your ideas.

Lighting a bathroom requires a combination of lighting to be functional starting with natural light from a window or skylight. Ambient lighting to light the entire spaces, accent lighting for focal points, task lighting over and around mirrors and vanities areas where you’ll be applying makeup, shaving, etc.  For that long soak in the bath accent led Mood lighting sets the atmosphere and relieves the stress of the day.

Choose a vanity that goes with the style you have chosen and make it a focal point along with the shower.  Your tapware and shower head should be chosen carefully as this is what achieves the finished look, but don’t overlook their functionality.  Also think about storage as part of your vanity or a separate piece. Towel rails, hooks and mirrors are all part of the overall aesthetic.

We are here to help with all the big decisions and assist you in designing the bathroom of your dreams.

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