Quality, Honesty, Affordability

Vision Home services is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional company that brings together its own skills with selected Local Suppliers, SA business’s and Trades to provides its clients with end to end solutions.

 The owner, Darren come from a lengthy line of Family builders and trade persons.   Darren blends this with his 26 years of expertise here and in the UK in Audio Visual, Design, Automation and Lighting to create memorable spaces for his clients.

Vision Home Services is about saving you money by 

  • Paying for Tradepersons only as they are required.

  • Running very low overheads and pass the savings on to you.

  • By doing all the legwork on your behalf included in our base hourly rate.

We specialise in four principal areas.

Remodelling of existing interior and exterior spaces.

  • Specializing in minor renovations and upgrades to ­- Home Theatres living spaces, bathroom, kitchen, Tiling, storage and cupboards, painting, decorating and cabinetry.

  • External spaces including paving, landscaping, privacy screening etc.

Acoustic Treatment of living and commercial spaces.

  • Acoustic treatments reduce audio reflection.  Hard surfaces such as walls and windows reflect energy back into the room.  These reflections create uncontrolled reverb; undesirable echoes that can make a room echo or sound tinny. By treating just 25% of the room area you will significantly reduce the reflected energy providing a more pleasant, quieter and relaxing living or work space.

Addressable LED lighting effects

  • RGB, Addressable: The most customizable, most controllable, and just generally most awesome LED strips. Addressable LED strips are colour-changing, but go a step further and include a tiny chip on each and every LED, allowing you to control them all individually. They can be used for the most sophisticated lighting projects both in the home, vehicles or architectural project.

Audio /visual and Automation

  • Vision Home Services is at the forefront of this fast moving industry were everything is Wifi, 4K and streamed from the internet. We Specialise in Home Theatre installation and fitouts, multiroom audio, control and automation from Single Room to Multi Story Occupancies, Bars, Restaurants, Gyms and commercial projects. 

  • Other specialty skills include Security System, Security Cameras with remote viewing and door entry systems