Should you consider Acoustic Treatment? The short answer is yes!

But let’s start with what it is not!  Acoustic Treatment is not Soundproofing, it will not stop sound leaking in or out of an environment.  It will reduce audio reflections. ​

These audio reflections create uncontrolled reverb: undesirable echoes that can make a recording or room sound tinny, dull, or muddy.

The process.

A general consultation is the first step either by phone or email.

Depending on your location a site visit is organised or you can fill out the attached form providing as much detail as possible about the room to be treated, this is a good place to start as it gets you thinking about what you want to achieve.

Site Visit:  Using powerful software and calibrated measuring equipment, we can quickly obtain a visual representation of how sound interacts with the room.

This information allows us to design a solution based on the use of the room; to achieve balance we use a two-pronged approach of absorption and diffusion. Typically, 30 to 40% coverage is adequate to treat a room.

Absorption products include foam or rigid mineral-wool to soak up energy and are most effective on Mid to high frequencies. Bass frequencies require a slightly different approach, Bass Traps are designed specifically for the lower frequencies.  Absorption is essential for reducing flutter echoes and for taming bright sounding or 'ringy' rooms perfect where intelligible voice is required such as Boardrooms and Restaurants.  Hifi listening Rooms, Recording Studios and Home Theatres will always require treatment to bass frequencies (Bass Traps) and a mix of absorption and diffraction on all surfaces. 

Diffraction products generally made or wood or plastic scatter sound energy using multi-faceted surfaces. They improve sound through the mid to high frequency ranges and improve stereo imaging.  The key is balance, we don’t want to use excessive absorption to the point where the room sounds dead, the room should still be lively, sound neutral where all frequencies or of similar loudness and bass is tight and defined not boomy.

Once installed we can quickly compare the treated room against the original benchmark measurement.  Strong echoes have been removed, intelligibility of speech is now excellent, bass is clean and tight and the room is a pleasant space to be in.  Music and movies will sound more true to life, the sound-stage will be accurate with a greater sense of depth and instrument placement.  Most of all a pleasant place to be.


AcouFelt: Coming soon.

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